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One of the advantages that our company offers to its customers is the peace of mind of being able to focus on the core of their business while we take care of their fleet management logistics.

Our unit monitoring programs online, allow us to have a timely follow-up on the status of the vehicles and timely and accurately determine when a preventive service is essential, without minimizing the effectiveness of their ground mobilization processes.

In this way, you do not get distracted from your core business; on the contrary, it optimizes it and generates security.


Maintenance Administration
It is our responsibility as well as a great commitment to our customers to extend the lifespan of their vehicles. To achieve this, Ariza has programs that monitor the normal wear of the units and that effectively calculated the repair time, as well as the amount of investment required.
Vehicle Displacement
There is another factor in addition to the acquisition of vehicles and it is precisely the timely posting of the existing vehicle fleet or the renewal thereof. Our displacement service helps our customers with the units update process in a prompt and simple fashion at to the best price in the market.
Insurance Administration
In Ariza, we avoid the unnecessary distraction of resources offering our insurance management services for all your vehicle fleet.
Legal Assistance
Our long experience in the fleet vehicle management market has left us a great understanding in terms of legal assistance, so that our programs offer an optimal model of economic conditions and additional insurance coverage.
Vehicular Procedures
This solution is designed to allow your company to have documentary control of all fees and taxes generated by a vehicle, avoiding incurring administrative offences of legal order.
Daily Rent
It is possible to rent a car for a day with Ariza. Mobility needs are not always given to long term. Therefore, Ariza offers the possibility to rent units for a short term and at the most affordable way.
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