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Ariza de Mexico innovates on Fleet Management, streamlining processes in order to get real value for our customers.

We have developed our Fuel Solution aiming to give a better Control of the fuel expenses, get Savings and Simplify its administrative process thru a prepaid intelligent card accepted nationwide that can be managed on real time using a website. The use of this platform yields valuable Information for the decision makers.

Ariza's prepaid card solution is the most convenient, safe and intelligent and safe medium to pay for your fleet's fuel


  • State of the art chip card
  • Customizable controls according to your operation (fuel type, loads per period, users, etc.)
  • Accepted at 3,000 fuel stations nationwide
  • Operational management on real time
  • Information integration with other Ariza solutions
  • Information available on ARI insights®


  • Preferential commission when you contract thru Ariza
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Leveraging industry’s best practices.
  • Able to deduct your fuel spending (our solution is authorized by the government)
  • Valuable monthly reports
  • Better preventive maintenance monitoring when used in combination with our Fleet Management solution
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