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Each industry requires different transportation solutions and they also represent a significant investment when managing resources.

Keeping an updated vehicle fleet results in great benefits for any company. In Ariza we know about it and therefore, we optimize the logistics processes of vehicle renewal of our customers with the help of cost-benefit analysis mechanics to provide them with the possibility of acquiring their units at preferential prices with delivery facilities throughout the republic.

In terms of vehicles delivery logistics, we will facilitate the selection of the vehicle in accordance with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), coordinating the purchase or lease, and the delivery of the vehicle to the end user, thereby getting savings to our customers for the time invested in this activity.

Fleet Analysis
One of our competitive advantages is undoubtedly the needs analysis service and the plan development tailor-made to our clients.
Leasing is one of the most common and more demanded vehicle financing and acquisition possibilities worldwide.
Direct Purchase
It is essential for us to understand the business of our clients and the role their fleet plays in order to guide them in the conformation of their vehicle stock.
TCO Model
The Total Cost of Ownership has a far-reaching impact on the vehicle management budget. In Ariza we specialize in the calculation of variables that determine the actual investment that is required for the operation of the units that make up the fleet.
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