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The transformation of the fleets into high value business assets detonates the success and growth of the businesses. This is what made Ariza an automotive leader and is currently keeping us at the forefront of the industry.


Corporate Profile
Ariza de Mexico S.A. de C.V. was established in 1995 as a Joint Venture between two companies with more than 55 years of experience: Automotive Resources International (ARI), the leading company in the vehicle fleet market in the U.S. and Corporación Zapata, a Mexican company expert in ground transportation solutions.
Customer Partnership Development
The development of a lasting relationship with our clients and make sure that we always provide the same quality level in our services is of utmost importance for Ariza de México.
Social Responsibility
As part of the global commitment of promoting practices in favor of society, Ariza has collaborated with children training programs such as Impulsa, a program which goal is to share a vision of the economy of the country with the children and to convey the importance of work and the labor contribution from successful people in our society.
Environment Reponsibility
In Ariza, we promote pro-environmental practices such as the internal development communication campaigns on the benefits that are within the intelligent use of paper. Through digital releases and conferences, we intend to illustrate the environmental and economic advantages of effectively managing the production of printed documents.
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Privacy Policy
ARIZA DE MEXICO, with domicile in Tlalnepantla informs you that the personal data you provide to ARIZA DE MEXICO will be used in order to offer the range of products and services ARIZA DE MEXICO has, as well as for identification, operation, management, and marketing purposes.
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