Created on Thursday, 05 February 2015
Changes in regulation vial Mexico State

The state government of Mexico made changes to the only traffic regulations of the State of Mexico, which provides 4 reasons you can take your car to the impound:

1. Lack of Plates
2. plates do not match the numbers and letters from the decal and registration certificate
3. When the driver is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
4. If your car was involved in a serious accident

Besides this. has released a number 01,800,900 33 00 called Transparent same by which we can report abuse or extortion attempts addition to receiving unauthorized assistance Infringement.

Similarly extortion may be reported to 089, via the Internet or through a mail. It will be important to report the unit number and the location where it is reported.
Also they may punish the officers up to 8 years of imprisonment for extortion or misuse of the vials procedures. It is forbidden to ask officers using crane, so the owner can drive to the tank according to the type of sanction.

By Autocosmos 
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