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ARIZA goes beyond the traditional fleet management borders to ensure maximum control over your company’s mobilization programs, you can count on the flexibility, innovation and experience of ARIZA as a strategic partner that goes beyond the vehicular management systems. 

Our Adaptation to the Territory

It is increasingly more common in Europe the trend of customers towards a multiple-platform of vendors to align the utmost the differences of territory in a unified system. ARIZA and ARI together have created a management and consulting system with the flexibility to work with any fleet operator in accordance with the territory.

In this way, our customers can choose the best operational alternative under our management programs and with the support of a Company with experience in global vehicle fleet management. .

Global Level Leading Network Allies
By means of our founding member, we are part of GFS (Global Fleet Services), a group of allies of first worldwide level in the leasing market recognized in the local markets as leaders in their industry. The Alliance has proved to be a network of experts combining strengths to meet the highest needs of world-class customers.

This Alliance enables businesses to develop strategic initiatives through comparative assessment systems and identification of fleet synergies as well as to maintain an optimal level of budget savings.

GFS is represented in more than 70 countries and manages a total of 1.8 million vehicles worldwide.

Pioneers in Emerging Markets
ARIZA DE MEXICO, in alliance with ARI has worked for years with a network of independent fleet suppliers to assist the needs in emerging countries where vehicular management industry is in its early stages of development such as Asia and some parts of Latin America.

The best global technology available 

Nowadays, we have the technological support from ARI, leader in technology and fleet management data integration programs. Its fleet management system based on the ARI insights ® network, provides an accessible and user-friendly interface which ensures the connection with our advisors and consultants in any country.
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