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Success through collaboration
Managing a vehicle fleet is a complex and specialized job that requires experience. There is not a ready to use fleet management program. Each client requires a solution that matches their unique DNA.

With a history of success in fleet management of any size and complexity, Ariza today enjoys a first class customer service reputation, made possible by the innovative way in which we create fleet management solutions.

When a company comes close to Ariza with a problem, we commit ourselves to co-creating with them a solution that would allow their fleet to reach maximum efficiency. Our solutions are born out of a three-phase process:

We are dedicated to understand the business of our clients and the role their vehicular fleet plays, we identify and prioritize problems. The more we understand the business of our clients, the better solutions we will develop for them. 

Custom design 
We avoid “one-size-fits-all”, we develop customized solutions for each company from the wide portfolio of capabilities and resources that Ariza has. 

We analyze all financial matters, including the costs, quality / poor performance budgets, etc., to quantify the transition costs.

Ariza has the stability of a large company, the agility and dynamism of a small one, and an innovation level that is only part of Ariza. Our efforts in conjunction with each client provide unique solutions for each fleet. We adapt our clients’ fleets to the dynamics of the market; we align the operational discipline of a company with the flexibility of our solutions, which allows obtaining the optimum performance of the vehicle fleets in an ever-changing business environment.
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